San Diego Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are some of the most creative people you will ever come across.
They don't just rely on someone else to hire them. They create their own job
opportunities. They are looked at in mixed ways. For one thing, the successful
entrepreneurs are quite revered. However, the entrepreneurs that are starting out
are not as respected. They are in fact often met with discouragement and even
some hazing. The following are two entrepreneurs that are overcoming and
making names for themselves.

Joe Carder

Joe Carder is the founder and CEO of Mogi. Mogi is a rewards program that offers
cash back. The aim of mogi is to fight for a cause. He is looking to contribute to the
end of world hunger. Joe Carder has launched Mogi in 2011 and has since raised
more than $26 million in funding. Among the firms that have funded Mogi are
Tech Coast Angels, Sigma Partners and Avalon Ventures. Mogi has also won a
multitude of awards for fighting hunger and working towards ending starvation
across the world. His company also allows people in San Diego to save money with
the program.

Chris Richmond

Chris Richmond has studied in college for only 3 semesters before dropping out.
He has instead decided to become an entrepreneur. He has started up plenty of
entertainment video streaming sites which include ShareTV.com, the television
fan site which millions of worldwide users visit. His sites generate more than
100 million page views in a month. Chris Richmond also gives San Diego residents
a chance to share their favorite shows on the website.

San Diego is filled with entrepreneurs. The world needs entrepreneurs because
they create jobs. The largest companies that hire folks are the result of
entrepreneurship. One thing that makes entrepreneurs valuable is that they do not
necessarily take up the jobs. They look for their own opportunities and when they
find it, they make the most of it. Not only do they get to experience success,
but others get to share in the success of their entrepreneurial pursuits. With time
and dedication, entrepreneurs provide a lot of value to their communities.