Leaders in Cloud Computing in San Diego

Cloud computing also referred as 'on-demand computing' has revolutionized
the world of computing. Internet-based computing is being used to provide data,
share resources and information to computers and other devices on demand.
In San Diego, several such companies are competing to provide the best cloud
services for their clients. Since cloud computing is a relatively new technology,
companies are gearing to stay ahead in the competition through innovation
and differentiated solutions for their customers. The following three companies
are best known for cloud computing in San Diego.


The company is a new era cloud computing solution provider located in
San Diego. The company is popular for developing the first-of-kind integrated
cloud platform, and they are now creating new partners to accomplish their
vision of this new method of delivering IT services to their clients. The company
provides end-to-end solutions for its customers to enhance their core business
strengths with a cloud computing technology that works. The company
capitalizes in enabling the MSPs to manage their relationships. Also, it provides
clients with superior IT cloud solutions to ensure they are competitive in the
industry they come from. ChannelCloud boasts to be the only cloud platform
developed for the channel by the channel.

V.I. Experts

V.I. Experts cloud services give the client the power to collaborate using the Internet
to carry out the daily business in their offices more efficient. V.I. Experts let you make
your business operations in a more efficient way and bears the burden of data
management, maintenance or equipment handling to ensure your business runs

The cloud services offered by V.I. Experts are:
-Adaptable - grow your applications and capabilities as your business grows.
- Tailor made - cloud services are modified to suit your company needs.
- Mobility - the cloud services collaborate with internet-enabled mobile devices.
- Cost - effective - efficient technology improves your bottom line.


ScaleMatrix has developed a comprehensive mix of cloud services which are aimed
at supporting many aspects of today's businesses. At ScaleMatrix, all aspects of cloud
services ensure that hosting requirements are under a single umbrella of service.
The company is known for leveraging the power of the cloud for production and
disaster recovery. ScaleMatrix promises their clients the ability to achieve the balance
between performance and cost. The company offers different categories of cloud
services for their client including TruCore performance cloud hosting, Enterprise
private cloud hosting, Vmware cloud hosting, and IaaS infrastructure as a Service
depending on the customer's needs.

Photo from Scale Matrix Symposium - http://sdtech.scalematrix.com/san-diego-technology-symposium-2013/